Friday, December 14, 2012

First review for Saving Grace!

Saving Grace was reviewed at Self-Publishing Review and reviewer Elaine Orr gave it 5 STARS!

I particularly love the opening paragraph, because I know that many people looking at the blurb for Saving Grace probably think it's a black and depressing story - but it's not.

"If you heard that Saving Grace by Ann Grant was the story of a perfectionist who tanks after a debilitating fall and ends up leaving her husband and kids, you might think you didn’t want to read that story.  You’d be making a big mistake.  With humor, insight into the human spirit and, well, grace, Ann Grant tells a captivating tale of love, frustration, anxiety, and (no spoilers here) an attempt at recovery."

"Saving Grace takes you into the mind of an anxious woman who comes to wallow in her pain and believes the only way out is to end her marriage.  You root for her, but come on, wouldn’t a good kick in the pants get her to see things aren’t so bad?  Wait, you can’t, she’s been hurt.  So you take the roller coaster ride with Grace and Rob ..."

"You’ll laugh and cry, and you might want to read some of those sex scenes in private.  I give Saving Grace five stars."


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